Lee Hull

While I take pride in hanging a good photograph on the wall, I have found the greatest personal satisfaction is in the actual experience with nature that the photograph represents. Facing a young but curious Coastal Brown Bear that was just a few feet in front of me, was a heart-pounding, but thoroughly exciting and rewarding experience. I honestly felt privileged to be at that spot, at that time. I have witnessed a mother bear loose a new cub to a predatory male bear, then run with her surviving cubs to avoid yet another attack. Three days later she lies in a meadow, providing motherly love to the two surviving cubs. On a recent venture to the Artic, I was surprised to see the social interaction between numerous Polar Bears as they awaited the freeze of open ocean ice. We can learn a lot from animal behavior, if we just took the time to watch. Every image represents a new experience with an animal and/or location. Shown below are some of my favorite or most current wildlife photos. Additional Wildlife/Scenic/Military Aviation images can be viewed by selecting Browse above right. I hope you enjoy looking at these. Comments are welcome!

Selection of Favorites/Recent Photos